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free 30-day trial of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, you can test the latest version of Office when you buy the package hiyo.bure a case before you toword 2013, PowerPoint 2013, Excel 2013, Outlook 2013, OneNote 2013, Access 2013, Publisher 2013 and theLync Messengerprogram.Inayojulikana use, reading, optimized for touch mpyaKwa inWord 2013 features a new way, you can use the documents skimthrough afinger Swipe. Change documents had major repairs, and to expand editingdocumentseasier. Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus and additional software to use PDF files, Adobe Acrobat.Katika Excel 2013, the rate of compliance with arange functionautomaticallyfills new direct competitor for the selected cells without me. Excel analyzes the entire board, defines the relationship between the cells and shows the value or text. Excel also allows you to easily createpivot graphicsby suggestionsin table and produced the same way. Quick analysis of the new Microsoft Office 2013 featurein see some spreadsheet formatting options yenyewe.PowerPoint 2013 spectators and host presentations of two different points of view as it also allows you to divide. Although the same idea, shot in the list of SEEA and the leader of the screen and find more information. On the tree, you do not slide canswitch ngfinger signs, colors and stylus assemblies speech film, or a virtual laser pointer.Katika comments to use, Outlook 2013 meetings, contacts, and tasks with clear menus. Outlook 2013 e-mail E-mail is now the tablet-friendly and you will see a list of sites anoptimized makubwa.Kugusa-optimized use and minimalist design that you want to see using Windows, Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus of 8Wakati, you will realize that there is a change if beensome . only when it is necessary to expand a popular bar tape itsoptimized finger touch screen operation. In addition to photos, you can embed videos using HTML Codeine Microsoft Office 2013Professional Plus. All applications are supplied with the new touch-optimized modes viewing.Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus uses a minimalist design is the same as Windows 8 tabs, and seem to mold together; Large, well-organized icons do not themost important task, a new spreadsheet templates, while providing a visually appealing and maonyesho.Hitimisho: SuiteMicrosoft improved Office 2013 Professional Plus round several useful features that allow the office to be selectivelyused ontouch device comes on the screen. Unfortunately, Office Suite is just a convenient tablet. A lot of features and options to choose is too small for the other Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus untrained.Makala fingers, however, is much more convincing: PDF Editor to edit offersgreatly enhanced cooperation, there iscloud SkyDrive integration, and additional services, such as embedding a YouTube video it is as widespread.

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