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Note: Facade works only with Windows ME to XP. It does not work on Vista or above. free facade is unique interactive adventure using Artificial Intelligence (AI), where your role is to stop the degradation of braka.Programeri facade, however, described the complex as “The attempt to overcome traditional branching or hyperlinks to create full narrative realized, one-act interactive drama integrates interdisciplinary collection of artistic practices and artificial intelligence technology. “We will play the game as himself and longtime friend of the wife named Grace and visit the developers describe as” plum and successfully appealing material couple early thirties, “the plot is this: during the night gatherings in their apartment, run (not clear why) so ugly and somehow be involved in the destruction of grace and travel support marriage. No one is safe before the accusations fly, the two sides were taken and can override the decision was made to destroy happy homes. Your goal, however, is to make sure that the end of the grace and a way to stay together, not to throw expensive razvoda.Da control your character, you can write to communicate with other characters, you move to the arrow keys and pick up and use objects with the mouse hand. As for the characters that affect their work and if they kiss and make up, even if it is not an exact science. You can wait a few seconds to answer or character can meet the rather strange face način.Glavni problem is that, although it is surprisingly popular in recent years, it has not been updated to run on Windows Vista or in above, which is a shame. If you’re still using Windows XP Me This, in turn, will then be able to play in front of the house. Meanwhile, those who can not enjoy the game has to do with looking at one of the many situations YouTube video dedicated fasada.To shame that the facade will not work with newer versions of Windows, because it is a very original concept and provides more than a few laughs resolve marital conflict.

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