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Little Fighter 2

Little Fighter 2 sweetu torrent download

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Many of us still remember great fight classics like Street Fighter, Double Dragon or Streets of Rage. If you are among them, you can now bring back old memories and Warrior 2 Little Fighter 2 pits you against up to 8 players, either humanitarian assistance or computer-controlled for LAN and Internet games. Each player controls a character (there are to choose a lot of) and uniquely special that can be activated with Shift key .Fighter little 2 features several types of games, including USA (one or two per second) format (reading competition is over) format show (side-scrolling classic ’em game rate) mapping from a variety of teams. You can find them all playing on your own and control computer characters, but few Warrior 2 is definitely more fun when played against real opponents. Little Fighter 2 characters animated cartoon style, but not really bright colors. background image is the address of a different kind. The main complaint I have about the picture is that the game is too small window If you are looking for a fighting game try in the style of an old, slightly Fighter 2. is easy, and all.

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