Keanu 2016 HC With Subs Torrent Download

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Keanu 2016 HC

Keanu 2016 HC With Subs Torrent Download

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Friends hatch a plan to steal a kitten raised as a street drug dealer gang recovered.

Director: Peter Atencio

Author: Jordan Peele, Alex Rubens

Stars: Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Tiffany Haddish

Genre: Comedy

Country: USA



SOURCE: MP4b (720) – Thank you!

Video: 1850 kbps XviD

Resolution: 720×304

Duration: 1h38m33sec

Text: Chinese (oO)

Audio: CBR 192 AC-3


Greets: SRKfan AQOS

NOTE: Enjoy.

Rell Clarence and live in the city, but the two cousins ​​is much more streets. When Rells dear cats, Keanu, catnapped is desperate pair of ruthless killers should emulate the straight-laced street gangs to infiltrate and recover the stolen cats. But very adorable cats fighting over custody of their valuable create gang war, to take the law into their own hands to force two heroes unwittingly.

More recently, dumped by her boyfriend, idler Rell (Jordan Peele) found some happiness more cute cat when he arrived at his doorstep. After a heartless thief who stole a cat, Rell recruited his cousin Clarence (Keegan-Michael Key) to help him recover. They soon learned Cheddar (Method Man) thug named the animal, and it will only return if two people agree to work with him. Armed with guns and gangster attitude, it did not take long for the hapless duo land in big trouble.

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